About Us

Welcome to GLEDE!

At GLEDE, VELKOMMEN OÜ, Reg.code : 16903431y, Adress:Tallinn, Estonia, AVALA Business quarter,  Veskiposti tn 2-1002, 10138, we understand that one's environment can profoundly shape experiences. As a boutique company dedicated to sustainable luxury, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality eco-friendly products. In addition to our award-winning candle collections, we have expanded our selection to now include organic cosmetics alongside our luxurious scented candles.


Our Story

The origins of GLEDE Collections stem from a shared passion for crafting inviting spaces steeped in uplifting scents. It began as a vision to cultivate coziness and relaxation wherever one rests. Our journey began when a collaborative of specialists in areas like design, aromatherapy and artisanal techniques merged their diverse expertise and enthusiasm to come up with the most satisfying products.


Crafted with Care

Whether candles or skincare, the utmost attention goes into each GLEDE product as all undergo intensive development and production that complies with our highest certifications. Our award-winning collections hold Ecocert verification for organic ingredients across candle wax, essential oils and plant extracts. Formulations ensure vegan, cruelty-free standards without harmful substances. Through each stage, from concept to packaging, quality and sustainability drive equal standards for candles and cosmetics. Experience luxury results pampering wellness and values at fairly priced excellence.


A Scent for Every Moment

Whether seeking calm, intimacy, or vibrancy, our thoughtfully selected range provides aromas that complement any mood or event. Our goal is to assist you in cultivating a setting that aligns with your wishes and ambitions. With expertise from Magrada, Hoia and Bonobo, we translate typical areas into magical realms of your vision. Classical or playful scents set moods for any occasion. Browse our selections to actualize your atmosphere through transformed sensory experiences.


Care for Creativity, Care for Community, Care for Our World

All GLEDE products are expertly crafted within our GMP-certified laboratories in Estonia, with sustainability in mind at every stage. For candles, we source organic soy wax and pure essential oils grown without synthetics for formulation. Our skilled artisans select caring blends while researchers in our Estonian labs thoughtfully curate all-natural, ethically harvested plant ingredients for nourishing skincare and body care formulas developed through stringent processes. Natural ingredients and packaging minimize environmental impact.


Join Our Community

We welcome you to join our expanding circle of fellow appreciators who value the craft of designing aesthetically pleasing environments and recognize fragrances’ abilities to enrich our experiences. Connect with us on social media to participate, exchange impressions and take part in our development. Through ongoing connection, we hope you will find both inspiration and community with others dedicated to elevating spaces and moments with thoughtful design touches and aromas.


Experience the Essence of GLEDE Collections

Thank you for choosing GLEDE on your sensory journey. Browse expanded candles and cosmetics collections, and indulge your senses. Allow us to craft experiences remembered and meaningful moments nurtured through scents, aromas and nourishing skin care. Discover how our products consciously elevate spaces and well-being through treasures of warmth and richness.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at:

Phone: +372 5397 1850

Email: info@glede.shop

Address: AVALA Business quarter, Veskiposti tn 2-1002, Tallinn, Kesklinn, 10138, Estonia.